Why Do I Teach Short Sale Classes?

8 Feb 2010 · Kurt

People ask me why do I teach short sale classes and share my secrets to other agents in my area of San Diego and across the country? They think I am giving away advise or tricks that make me so successful. The answer is simple, I am helping people. There are too many agents who are taking short sale listings on and have no idea what it is they are doing and will ultimately lead to a homeowner possibly losing their home to foreclosure. I am amazing at the reasons agent come to me with questions or for coaching on a deal that they already had let go to foreclosure because they didn’t have the proper training or knowledge. Many times the reasons are very simple avoidable problems. It is so important to understand that these are very difficult deals to structure and without the proper training or knowledge the consequences for homeowners can be severe. We as real estate brokers basically have our clients financial and credit future in our hands and trying to undertake a listing without proper guidance can be detrimental to our clients.

I can safely say I have been doing short sales for over 5 years and still don’t know everything there is to know because short sale laws, tax codes and bank policies and procedures on short sales are changing daily, and it can be touch to keep up with. So with that being said, I feel it is extremely important to relay my experience and knowledge to other agents out there even if it is my direct competition, because I am helping people (although indirectly). So if you feel your agent doesn’t have the experience to get your deal done, it might be in your best interest to take one of my next or upcoming seminars so that they can get your transaction done correctly. Short Sale Kurt.

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