What About My Short Sale System?

13 Sep 2010 · Kurt

I wanted to go over some of the basics of my short sale process. This all starts with a client or a customer such as you wanting information. So I put a lot of information on my website to try and answer some of the most commonly asked questions and some of the basic items that go along with short sale. And I even have a 5 part consultation about the basics of what you need to about short sales. From there, once somebody like yourself is kind of informed themselves about the basics of short sale, what I always recommend is that you have a consultation with somebody like myself who is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in short sales. The reason being is because what we want to do is go over your particular case and circumstance to determine, one if a short sale right for you or not, two if you have other options or three if you decide to do a short sale that you know how it’s ultimately going to work out for you. I always like to start the process by having my clients watch a couple of my videos in the basics of short sales.

From there, what I’d like to do is have a consultation with them and many times this can be over the phone and what I do is just ask some basic questions so that I can assess the your situation and find out what’s going on. From there I’ll talk to you about other options you may have available to you such as getting a loan modification or a principal reduction if you are interested in keeping your home. If not, we can talk a little bit about the short sale process and how it’s going to affect and apply to you specifically.
Then from there, if you make the decision that the short sale is right for you, then the next step of the process is for me to send you the paperwork that’s required in order to get the process started. From there, you’re going to go through the paperwork yourself and fill it out to the best of your ability. But what I like to do then is setup an in-person consultation or meeting. We’re going to meet face to face and we are going over all of your questions about the paperwork. I’m going to point out those very specific provisions where I put in there that one; you can cancel at any time without any fees paid and two that I’m not going to charge you any fees or commissions in order to the short sale process.

Once we meet we will go through your questions with regards to the paperwork. You’re going to turn over that paperwork to me at which point my entire office in team is going to get the process started for you. We go through your paperwork, we get it into our system, then we are going to set an appointment to come out to the property so that we can take a look at it and figure out what’s going on and determine what we’re going list it at and get all the pictures and information so that we can get it on the market right away.

Once the property is on the market, then from there we are going to entertain offers from buyers and coordinate showings and then we’re also going to start working with your bank and asking about any assistance that may be applicable to you as a home seller doing a short sale. Through this process I have a lot of information that I’m going to be sending you keeping you in the loop with regards to what’s going in. You’re going to have a couple of points of contact in my office such that you can have your questions answered at anytime. From there we’re going to work with the bank until we get the short sale approval. Once we got that, then we’re going to move on the normal escrow process.

I make it sound very basic here but there’s a lot to it in regards to my systems and things that we do a lot differently than a lot of brokerages or real estate agents out there and I’ll share some of those more with you when we do meet in person or if you decide that a short sale is right for you. Again, it’s really important to be working with somebody who’s done a lot of short sales and has the systems down in order to get these done quickly, efficiently and get the highest and best incentives they can for yourself in a short sale. That’s just a little bit about the basics of my process in doing a short sale.

Thank You very much for listening to my presentation: What About My Short Sales System?

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