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At San Diego Real Estate and Investments we know that your home is probably the most valuable possession that you have. With that in mind and what our market is, our first goal is to help you set a list price that represents the market value, without going so high that it does not sell at all. With our extensive and comprehensive marketing skills you will see why San Diego Real Estate and Investments is the best in the industry!



We are probably one of the only companies out there that do this, we create a website specific to your property! For example www.2617JacarandaAvenue.com, if someone were looking for a home where you are selling yours and they do a search for a Pacific Beach Condo, and your property is a condo in Pacific Beach your property website would be at the top of the major search engines.



A personalized 888# is created exclusively for your property. Potential Buyers are able to call the 888# at anytime and listen to a recorded detailed description of your home. Buyers have the option to talk to a live agent or leave a message and the listing agent will be notified immediately via text message or email, so that it can be responded to right away!



With the internet being the #1 way home buyers start their home search, it is most crucial that we be up to date with our internet marketing presence. We are on all the major Real Estate websites, some of which include Realtor.com, Trulia.com, Oddle.com, just to name a few. We as well strategically positioned our websites, which are aggressively marketed. Daily post of your property to websites such as Craiglist and Facebook also generate numerous leads. When anyone has interest in your property and has inquired about information, the listing agent is notified immediately via email.  Most of our websites are unbranded which can generate 5-10 times the number of leads for your home.



Many times home buyers will want to see the exact layout and all the features of the home to determine if it will suit their needs and wants. We find that if we can create a Virtual Movie Tour of your home, that your home will gain more exposure. A Virtual Movie Tour is filmed of your home and is tagged on to every bit of Internet advertising we do.



Full color custom professional designed flyers, giving a detailed description of your property with pictures will be created. These flyers will be distributed and placed outside the home and within for buyers to take and remember your home by and directs buyers to the virtual movie tour and property websites.



Instead of carrying flyers around everywhere you go, why not business cards of your home that fit perfect in your wallet! So at any time when discussing the sale of your home, you have a handy card with all of your homes features and websites.  The cards will have pictures, relevant information, your homes personal website and additional pictures on the back. You can use this to hand out to friends, family and co-workers to get involved in the marketing of your home!



“Just Listed” professionally done postcards will be distributed to qualified buyers, which emphasizes our GUARANTEE that if they are not happy with their purchase we will sell it for FREE! These are targeted to specific buyers suitable to purchase your home!



Ever wondered what the buyers and their agents thoughts were of your home? We feature an online feedback system where agents and buyers who have seen your home complete a survey and you get to see what they think of your home. This gives you the opportunity  to see what they really thought of your home, your price and how it shows compared to other homes on the market. You will know how it matches up and what if any adjustments need to be made.



The homes that you ooh and ahhh about were most likely staged believe it or not! Why not have your home show it’s very best! That is why were offer a Free Staging Consultant and Interior Designer to come to your home to give you all the tips and ideas to have it show it’s very best. After meeting with the staging consultant, you will have an idea as what to do to make your home more appealing!


We hope this gives you a better idea of what San Diego Real Estate and Investments do to get your home sold! We take the sale of your home very seriously and are honored to be given the opportunity to sell your home! Call us today!


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