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Why Do You Sell So Many Homes?

Bottom line is I know how to do marketing. I know how to market myself, the fact that you are here reading or watching this video proves that. But I really know how to market and expose properties to buyers all over the world, which is evident by the thousands of active buyers in my database.

You see part of my success in selling so many homes, is that I understand marketing and creating value around a property, which is evident by the fact that I sell hundreds of homes a year, and have a very high list to sales price ratio. My marketing extends across television, videos, 100’s of real estate websites and the internet, blogs, social media, as well as print and mailing media.

From there, I have very efficient systems and databases that ensure nothing in the marketing of a property is missed, in fact it is double and triple checked.

Next, I have my team of professionals who not only have countless years of experience behind them, but hundreds of transactions completed as well, to help ensure any problem is resolved quickly and efficiently. My extensive marketing, my systems, and my experience, provide all of our sellers the same thing, proven results. Not only that, but results that are praised by my hundreds past clients with 5 star online testimonials and reviews found all over the web. Be sure to check them out on my website or simply google my name with the word reviews!

So again, whats important when considering selling your home, is work with the most experienced and proven agent you can find to help you get the most amount of money possible.

How Accurate Is Zillow.com?

Understand that Zillow is the one of the most visited real estate sites in the country to determine a property’s value by both sellers and buyers. Zillow uses data from recent sales along with their own algorithm or formula to determine a price to put on their website, for your property. Sometimes it can be high, low or even very accurate. It’s more accurate if you home is NOT a custom home, and there are other properties nearby that have a similar make, floor plan and upgrades. Track homes are a good example of this. If a builder created a track of homes all around your area, then chances are good, that Zillow can be somewhat reflective of your current value.

The most important thing about Zillow however is a buyer’s perception of your home. Buyers, or the market, is actually what dictates the value of your home and what it will sell for. Not a real estate agent, not an appraiser, and not even you as the seller. Buyers determine the value, so if they are using Zillow as a tool for their opinion it is important to understand that, and you will need an agent with great marketing to convince a buyer or an appraiser of any variance from that.

Currently, I am selling properties for OVER the current Zillow value in a matter of days. In some cases $50K to $100K over the Zillow value.

If you want to hire an agent with a track record of beating the Zillow values, please give me a call or learn more about me on my website www.BrokerKurt.com 

What Are You Going To Do Differently From Other Agents To Get My Home Sold?

This is interesting question and one I get quite frequently, but a question that I don’t always think is the RIGHT question for seller when it comes to getting your home sold.

Let me start with providing this analogy:
Assume you have a health problem and you go and visit a few doctors to see what they can do to cure you. One doctor might say, well we can have you take these pills and you will be cured. Another doctor might say well, we can perform this surgery and you will be cured. Another eastern medicine doctor, might say, we will stick you with these needles here and there and you will be cured.

But no matter what any doctor says, it eventually leads you to the next question, which is “what actually works?” How does your technique and experience with using this method stack up against the others? Or “What is your success rate? How many times have you succeeded, and how many times have you failed?”

Most home sellers don’t ask agents the right questions– “How successful are your methods at selling a home? How many times have you succeeded, how many times have you failed? What is your experience or track record? What is your list to sales price percentage or ratio? “

The average agent sells 8 homes a year, some even less. So many times, these same agents, are the agents that are always talking about some gimmicky marketing technique, that makes them different from everyone else, to intentionally draw a sellers attention away from their track record. If I were to hire a doctor to cure me, I want the one with the highest success rate, the most experience, not a doctor that just created some new unproven technique, that sets them apart from other doctors.

If you are considering hiring an agent to help you sell your home, be sure to ask the right questions. Ask about their experience and track record, and not what they are going to do differently from other agents.

I have a track record of successfully selling hundreds of homes a year, with hundreds of 5 star reviews online, talking about my success, and how happy they were with my methods. I also do have a series of 4 short videos that explains what makes me different when it comes to marketing properties from other agents, if that is still important to you. I cover the concept of working with a team vs. a single agent, my buyer delivery system, because what a seller needs is BUYERS, and what I do differently to market your home, that gives me such a successful track record. Instead of me trying to tell you everything all at once and pressuring you in person, I have prepared these videos to review online with on your own time table.

Thank you for watching this video and to learn more about me, check out my other videos on my website: www.BrokerKurt.com

Should I Use An Area Specialist To Sell My Home?

Before I get to that lets first explain the two different roles of a real estate agent.  The first is the listing agent. Their job is to market your home and expose it to the most amounts of people possible to get you the highest price. From there, they help the seller with negotiating the deal, facilitating the transaction, and reporting back to seller the market information and feedback from buyers. But the most important thing is market your home!

Then, there is the buyer’s agent, that is actually called the selling agent in the transaction, because they are the one who brings a buyer and helps structure the offer to get accepted by the seller.

Again the listing agent markets your home, but the buyer’s agent is really the one who sells the home, points out all the features of the community and the property to the buyer, and guides them to write an offer that will be accepted by the seller.

Now some Listing agents, the ones who market your home, only focus on one small area and list a few homes a year. Many times they may have limited experience in actually marketing properties because again, they only list a few homes a year. Many years ago real estate agents and offices were comprised of small offices that only focused on one small local area. In today’s world of information with the internet and MLS, buyer’s actually come from all over the county, the country, and at times from all over the world, not just that small neighborhood.

In today’s world of real estate, what is important about selecting a listing agent, is their marketing skills, their experience, their track record, their past client reviews and their marketing technology.

Would it surprise you that I sell 100’s of homes every year in every zip code in the county, multiple times over? Would it surprise you to know that I have actually sold properties all over California, including Mammoth Lakes, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Orange County, and Riverside, all from my office in San Diego County? I even did so while receiving top dollar for their properties, and getting a 5 star reviews from the clients, when everything was said and done.

You see a local area specialist might know every street name in your area, while listing just a few homes per year. But are they the best at marketing a property in today’s real estate market? Do they have a database of thousands of buyers from all over the world, looking to possibly buy your home for top dollar? Do they have the experience and skills of negotiating 100’s of deals a year for home sellers?

These are just some questions to take into consideration when deciding who you should hire to get you the most amount of money possible for your property and if whether hiring a local agent is really the best thing for you. 

What Commission Do You Charge?

That is a very common and good question, and while I have a flexible commission structure, every client’s needs are different. What I need to do is, assess the situation and ask a few questions from each seller before I properly answer that question.

Over the past few years, my team and I have sold hundreds of properties per year. From there I have received literally hundreds and hundreds of online 5 star reviews on sites like Zillow, FaceBook, Google and Yelp, and not ONE client mentions having a problem with my flexible commission structure. Not only that, but I have a method where it can actually be the buyer who pays the commission involved in the sale of your home, not the seller. I can talk about this more, but this is something I usually cover and address after speaking with each homeowner, to make sure we come up with something that meets their goals and objections.

Not only do I have a fire me at any time policy, but also a tiered commission structure for different levels of services that I put into writing to make each seller happy. Also, if you find the buyer yourself with no other agent involved, and want us to write the contract and walk it through escrow for you, I only charge 1%. Or if you find the buyer yourself, and there is no other agent involved and you don’t want our assistance, you don’t have to pay any commission at all. This option is great and works well for “For Sale By Owners”.

If you want to know more about which commission structure is right for you, call me for a free consultation on your home and we can come to an agreement that works for you.

Thank for watching. If you have any other questions, call me or feel free to find more answers here on my website www.BrokerKurt.com

Can I Sell My Property For Higher Than The Listing Price?

Just understand that in order to do this, you need leverage, and in order to get leverage, you need buyers competing against each other. Without effective marketing or multiple offers, you are not going to have leverage to counter back to buyers over the initial listing price. Even in a seller’s market, you as the seller do not have alot of leverage if you only have one buyer.

Let’s look for a moment at the format of a traditional auction. Now action houses have been using their techniques for hundreds of years, in order to get the most amount of money for any particular item. They start at a reasonable asking price to create interest, and then get the momentum going by having lots of buyers in the room, competing against each other. An auction can create a sense of urgency and a level of competition from the buyers that generate offers that are well above, not only the initial opening bid, but also many times at a price that is well above the actual value of the item or its appraised value. What the auction house is doing is creating leverage for themselves, to get them the highest price possible by pricing the item correctly and doing effective marketing to get buyers in to the auction.

Now let’s apply this same tactic to real estate. Over the past few years, banks have needed to sell off foreclosure properties and sometimes do so quickly. So what they figured out was that they could put a home on the market, at a price that was at market value or a tad under. In the end they would receive multiple offers that would drive the price up tens of thousands of dollars over the initial asking price. I saw this happen time and time again.

Many times I would see a bank list a property for a price that was a little too high. When it didn’t sell they would take it off the market and transfer it to a huge real estate auction house (the kind you would see on TV) and then start the bidding at a very low price. From there I would see hundreds of bids come in and the properties would sell well over the initial asking price it originally had been on the market for, it blew my mind.

Now I am not saying you should list your home ridiculously low. But what I am saying is that you want to at least be in line with market conditions and have aggressive marketing that creates value to the property, from there you will be able to generate multiple offers and bidding wars. This will ensure you sell your home for the highest price possible and give you the leverage to counter buyers at a higher price, even if it is above the initial asking price.

If the highest price isn’t acceptable to you, then you do not have to accept any of the offers, and you don’t have to sell your property. And if you work with me, you can cancel your listing at any time and simply not sell the home. But if you list your property too high without aggressive marketing, or at a price that only generates one offer, you will never really know if you are leaving money on the table or not, and this in turn can cost you thousands of dollars when selling your property.

How Fast Can You Sell My Home?

When people ask me this question, I always respond with, “When do you want to close escrow?”

The reason is because regardless of the market conditions, I can always sell a property with the marketing I do, and in most cases generate multiple offers.

I have sold hundreds of properties a year, even in a down market, or where inventory was extremely high, and I was always able to get the property sold for market value or more.  It simply came down the marketing that I do, and pricing the home correctly to generate multiple offers.

The timing of everything comes down to, when do you want to close escrow? And pricing it correctly in today’s market. Because when that happens, I will get you competing offers in a matter of days, generating you the highest price possible, and then you can decide on the closing date.

You can have a shorter escrow if you prefer or extend it out to be longer, or possibly even stay in the home after the close of escrow, if you are looking to time things out to fit your schedule.

The bottom line is that my marketing on TV, internet and other media, has a proven track record of generating the highest price possible for my sellers, and allows you to sell your home when you are ready to move out.


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