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14 Jan 2010 · Kurt


Clients have asked me before, Why don’t you post your short sale approval letters on your website like some other San Diego agents? The truth is, I used to. But then I found many agents would steal them and post them as their own. That’s wasn’t as big of a problem though, as the fact that I have over 350 of them from properties that has sold as a short sale. If you include the short sale approval letters I got and then the buyers walked, that would be about 400-450.

The most important reason I don’t post them anymore though is this. The banks change their short sale approval letters all the time. Not only that but many banks have many different versions of their current approval letters and it can be very confusing for homeowners, who are considering a short sale to see these without any explanation as to what they mean, by someone is experienced or qualified to explain. So I took them all down.

The good news is this. I still have every short sale approval letter I have ever gotten on file. And depending on which lender you have I can provide you current examples of what your approval letter MIGHT look like. I’ve worked with almost every bank that lends in San Diego, so I more than likely have an example of a short sale approval letter from your lender. I say might because banks changes their letters all the time, so there is no guarantee what yours will look like as ever case is different. But I can show one form your bank and you can have it reviewed FOR FREE by an attorney who can explain it to you!

In the meantime, you can enjoy this picture of what my 350 short sale approval would look like if I stacked them all up!

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