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Broker Kurt’s latest profile in March’s San Diego Pacific Magazine.

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Kurt & Craig discuss the slowing down of the housing market and decrease in the amount of sales. Increasing home value and creed of lending aspect. Discusses predictions for the upcoming 2016 market.
Craig Sewing Show 1170 Am, November 18, 2015

Kurt & Craig discuss the current hot market and the interest rates starting to spike up, and gives out advice to sellers why staging is important.

Craig Sewing Show 1170 Am, May 12, 2015

Kurt & Craig discuss the article: “Are home prices growing too fast?” and the looming housing bubble, they also discussed A new The next American Dream TV show where Broker Kurt interviews Frisco White, Chairman of the Carmel Valley Planning Board.

Craig Sewing Show 1170 Am, April 14, 2015

Kurt & Craig talks about getting the #1 Agent ranking in the 92130 Zip Code based on transactions and career sales price ratio. They also discussed the 2014 year in review and things to look forward to in 2015

Craig Sewing Show 1170 Am, January 13, 2015

Kurt & Craig discuss VA Loans & Buyers, Aligning with a good Lender, What Interest rates might do, and gives a quick review on how Solar Power can impact a home’s value.

Craig Sewing Show 1170 Am, November 11, 2014

Kurt discusses about his Real Estate Team and how each Agent Functions, For Sale by Owner Homes Parallel Listing Offer, Current Housing Inventory and the Upcoming Market Change.

Craig Sewing Show 1170 Am, August 12, 2014

Kurt & Craig discuss Rising Median Prices, Shifting Market, The Increasing Inventory, and How Buyers can Take Advantage of the Low Interest Rates.

Craig Sewing Show 1170 Am, July 15, 2014

Kurt & Craig discuss Home Selling and Other Things to Consider when Getting a Divorce, Increasing Home Inventory Levels, Buyer’s Market

Craig Sewing Show 1170 Am, June 12, 2014

Kurt & Craig discuss The Fallout of Individual Investors, Builders Change of Business Model to Adapt to the Current Market Demand, Low Interest Rates and Affordability Levels

Craig Sewing Show 1170 Am, May 8, 2014

Kurt & Craig discuss The Current Buyer and Seller Market State, Past Inventory Levels, Preparing Homeowners for Upsizing and Downsizing, Increasing Interest Rates, Understanding the Value of the Homes and Tips When Making Offers

Craig Sewing Show 1170 Am, April 8, 2014

Kurt & Craig discuss What it Takes to Get the Highest Selling price for Seller, Marketing Strategies, Aerial Drone Photography, Mega Open Houses and The Right Time to Buy a Home

Craig Sewing Show 1170 Am, February 13, 2014

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Is the housing market fully recovered? – 7/24/15

I would say that market has recovered as much as it can. With interest rates as low as they are ..

Are underwater homes still a problem? – 6/26/15

As a county, not really. In some areas where the negative equity is higher than that 8 percent ..

What are more home sales telling us? – 5/29/15

What this tells me is that buyers are finally getting off the fence and taking ..

Opponents send One Paseo to a vote – 4/25/15

Clerk says enough signatures submitted for public vote on controversial project..

Are Home Prices Growing Too Fast? – 3/27/15

I believe we will see appreciation still be around 5 to 6 percent for …

Record Low New Home Sales a Concern? – 2/26/15

Not a cause of concern in my opinion. While prices have been stable or doing better over the past year …

What Should Change in Home Lending? – 1/31/15

REPEAL GUIDELINES: Changes I would like to see to the lending environment are the repeal of the Fannie …

What’s In Store for Housing in 2015? – 12/6/14

Simple, mortgage interest rates. With the fed completing their purchase of bonds …

Do Millennials Drag Down Real Estate? – 11/29/14

This is a hot topic among economists recently, citing increases in millennial debt..

What Boosts Property Values Most? – 10/25/14

Developments such as having a new school with parks built nearby, or local shopping…

How much should a commute be taken into consideration when buying a home? – 9/27/14

The majority of this decision is personal and weighed out in a manner of quality of life…

Will I-5 expansion affect property values? – 8/29/14

This is a long-term project, so it may not impact values right away. Overall…

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