I Lost A Potential Client Because I Am Too Good

13 Sep 2010 · Kurt

From time to time I’d like to share some of my experiences of dealing with clients and in this particular case I’d like to share an experience of where I Lost A Potential Client Because I am Too Good. Now, this is a scenario where they had interviewed me and they were interviewing a couple of other agents. We talked about their goals and objectives of trying to avoid the foreclosure and getting the short sale done. They expressed to me initially that it was very important for them to get the short sale done. In the end, they came back to me and told me that they chose another real estate agent to work with.

I asked them, “Is there a reason why?” Because I’d like to know these things, if there’s something that I can improve upon or refresh my knowledge. They simply told me this, “You are too good at what it is that you do, we feel that if we hire you, our property is going to be short sold and completed in a period of three months. We would rather hire an agent who doesn’t know what they’re doing so that they can drag their feet and draw this process on, as long as potentially possible, so that we can stay in our home for free”.

Well, had they conveyed that issue to me, I might’ve been able to work with them, but at the same time they are correct. My goal and objective typically when I am working with my clients is to help them avoid a foreclosure. Not simply stay in the property for as long as they can. So you have to determine what their goals and objectives here and that’s what I try to help people focus on.

In this particular case, it inevitably lead to the fact that they might not care if the property goes to foreclosure, and that it would be ok as long as they can stay there as long as possible. In their situation, they were dealing with a very aggressive bank that was looking at foreclosing upon them in three months. So I was trying to emphasize the fact that I can get this done in three months. But in the end they were looking for a different circumstance. They wanted somebody who can just mess around with the bank so that they can stay for three, four, five, six months, whatever it is. Nonetheless, it’s important for you to convey if you’re thinking about these particular situations to anybody it is that you are deciding to work with.

Now me, I do like to help my clients out and make sure that everybody gets what it is that they want, but at the same time I’m trying to help them avoid foreclosure. In this instance, these people are going to be flirting with the fact that they might have a foreclosure in the record, but, in that case, they didn’t necessarily care.

So that’s just something that, I, at times, like to share about my experiences with dealing with people and letting people know a little bit about myself and how I work, and communicate with them so that you and I can have an open line of dialogue in regards to what it is your goals and objectives are and I can let you know quite honestly and upfront whether or not I can service you.

Thank You very much for listening to my presentation: I Lost a Potential Client Because I am Too Good.

Kurt Wannebo
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