I Lost a Potential Client Because I Am Too Good Part 2

13 Sep 2010 · Kurt

I wanted to share with an update about a previous story that I talked about where I had lost a client. From time to time I like to share my experiences of dealing with potential clients or people that are out there in the field. Part 1 talked about some clients who come to me and decided not to hire me because of the fact that they wanted to hire another real estate agent who essentially didn’t know what they were doing or could essentially drag the process out as long as they possibly could so that they could stay in their home longer.

This is something that happens to me quite frequently, sometimes people say, “Well we are going to work with another real estate agent because we feel that they’re family friend and we feel it’s obligated to them or we feel that they want to try to do a short sale so we’re going to let them, we feel bad about them”. I just wanted to give you an update on those clients who previously said that they are going to work with somebody else. They have now come back to me and they have expressed how chaotic their particular short sale was and that their experience was horrible. And now they were looming to a time period where they would not be eligible to be able to receive $3000 through HAFA.

They have now come back to me, cancelled the old listing agreement and are asking me to expedite their file and get things done correctly. This is something that happens to me quite frequently, I get a lot of calls from people on a daily basis to tell me, “Look, I’m in a deal with a real estate agent right now and I have a contract with them and I did not do any research and so I’m stuck with them now, but they don’t know what they’re doing. The process is taking too long, they forgot to submit my paperwork for HAFA, they don’t know what HAFA is etc. Can you come in and fix the problem?” You have to understand it’s very difficult for me to do so at that particular point especially if you are locked into a contract with another real estate agent. Now, one of the things that I do for all of my clients is that I allow them the opportunity to cancel it at anytime so that if you aren’t happy with my services or with the way that I’m doing things you can go off and do things with another agent. But many real estate agents today are struggling and so what they do is they lock you into a contact even though they may not know everything about short sales, come to find out through the process, there’s difficulties, they don’t know what’s going on and you can’t get out of it and you’re facing potentially foreclosure because this real estate agent did not know what they were doing.

I can’t stress enough that short sales are difficult enough themselves, there is a learning curve. I’m not saying that there are agent’s who don’t know how to do them but I’m just saying there are a lot who don’t know what they are doing. The other thing people do is they call me and they say ” Well, I hear you offer free consultation for tax advisor or free legal advice or the opportunity to get a short sale deleted from your credit and my agent doesn’t do that. They don’t know about these things, they don’t offer these service providers or they don’t have the contacts you do with the bank. Can you step in and help?” And again I’m sorry but many times if you have a contract with them you need to deal with them. These are services that I provide for my clients to help them with the process, to help them move on, to help them to be able to buy another property within a year, to use time after the contract. So we’re very conscientious of treating our clients very well and very on top of all things, first and foremost the services and opportunities that are going out there.

If you have any questions be sure to research who you hire before you sign a contract with them. Ask them if they know about the certain services. Ask them what their reputation is, work online, google them and then if you want to give, me a call as well. I would love nothing more for you to give me the opportunity to interview with you and see if I can help you.

This is the conclusion to my other “Lost a Client” blog. They are now working with me, their files are going extremely well and with the potential to receive their $3,000 through HAFA is going to work out well and probably going to close this out in the next 30-60 days or so.

Thank You very much for listening to my presentation: I Lost a Potential Client Because I Am Too Good Part 2.

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