I Can Help Get the Short Sale Deleted From Your Credit!

13 Sep 2010 · Kurt

One of the things that I do like to tell about my clients is a service that I provide is the ability to help get the short sale deleted from your credit. I have service providers that I’ve worked with in the past but I do have a brand new one that I’m very excited about. Once you go through the process with me, then for my clients I do afford this resource to be able to the short sale deleted from your credit.

This is from a very reputable company that is not me myself. The one thing that is very nice about this is it does not cost you any money upfront. You don’t pay any upfront fees and you only pay for if they are successful in doing so. In fact they will actually do a full audit on your credit report and tell you exactly what the costs are going to be before you decide to move forward so you have a complete understanding as to what that’s going to be. Not only that, it’s computerized and your system and progress is tracked in the entire way. And if you are my client, I will also be able to track the progress as the credit deletion is going through and I’ll be able to track and see how everything is going for my particular clients. And again if you are one of my clients, I actually pick up the cost to have one of the short sales deleted from your credit.

This thing is not new but this particular service provider and this technique in this system is extremely new in reference to my clients and I feel it’s an absolute valuable resource to go through after the short sale to get your credit cleaned up and get the short sale deleted so that you can move on with your life. If you are interested in hearing more about this, we can do so in a free consultation with myself, just feel free to fill out the form here on my website or give me a call.

Thank You very much for listening to my presentation: I Can Help Get the Short Sale Deleted From Your Credit.

Kurt Wannebo
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