How To Start A Short Sale?

13 Sep 2010 · Kurt

This is my video presentation on some of the basics you need to know about Short Sales.
This first video is how to get started in the process. I prepared this video to get you started on some of the basics so that when we talk, we can go over your case specifically and focus on your situation in question.

First thing you need to do with considering this is to educate yourself about Short Sales, the process, the tax ramifications, how it’ll affect your credit, and whether you’ll owe any money back to the bank also the different incentives that banks are offering and lastly, if you’ll qualify.
So how do you do this? First, I would recommend watching the rest of my video consultations here. They are informational and they will walk you through the basics of Short Sales, and give you a great understanding on some of the basic items of Short Sales. Another thing I suggest, read some of the blogs found here. I have tons of articles written addressing almost every question I have ever gotten about a Short Sale. You can check out my frequently asked questions also, which has a lot of good information.

The next thing, talk to someone who is extremely educated in doing Short Sales like me. I offer a free, no-obligation consultation, over the phone or in person one-on-one, to go over your specific case. This is completely free to you and confidential. This isn’t a general overview on Short Sales or some type of Short Sale seminar. This is just me talking about your case and answering all of your personal questions.

I have done over 500 Short Sales and I don’t make you sign any paperwork for this consultation. It’s completely confidential and I talk to people all day long for free. So it’s in your best interest to talk to someone who’s extremely knowledgeable and experienced, for free.
Once we have our consultation, I will be able to direct you to any of the other needed resources I have, such as an accountant, to determine if you have any tax liability, and I do offer free consultation there. I also have real estate or bankruptcy attorneys if you feel you might need one. I also have a credit repair specialist, a loan modification specialist, and a foreclosure delay specialist, if we decide that’s what you need.

After you have informed yourself about Short Sales and the process, then you need to decide if this process is right for you or not. Then decide who you want to start the process with.
Now that I’ve told you a little bit about how to prepare yourself, I wanted to tell a little bit about me, which can help you in who you decide to move forward with, whether you decide to work with me or not. Personally, I’ve been doing Short Sales for about 6 years now and completed around 500 of them. They are my specialty, although I do traditional real estate as well. It’s important to understand that most agents do not understand all the complexities of Short Sales. These are 3 times more difficult than a traditional sale.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) states that the average agent does about 8 deals a year and most of those are not Short Sales. Meaning, most agents might attempt to do 1 or 2 Short Sales a year. My office is closing about 200 Short Sales a year now. Be sure to find the most experienced agent possible, your financial, as well as your credit future, might depend on it. Over the past six years I’ve also developed significant relationships with the banks and their executive offices, to make sure my clients have success, and making sure their property does not go to foreclosure. So make sure that whoever you decide to work with has contacts with the banks.

I’ve also traveled the country teaching Short Sales to other real estate agents, large name brokerages, as well as attorneys, to help teach them how to do Short Sales correctly. Many agents out there are seeking my advice and knowledge and help when it comes to doing Short Sales. Make sure that whoever it is you decide to work with is well trained. I also have a huge amount of reviews online from past clients talking about our service and their experience. This I feel, is extremely important when deciding who to work with whether Yelp, Google Places, Zillow, The Better Business Bureau; any of these numerous places people go and talk about us. We have an excellent reputation, which I think should be extremely important when you decide who it is you should work with. Be sure to simply Google:” Kurt Wannebo Reviews” and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

This is an extremely important financial decision in your life and the Short Sale process is completely free to you. So why not work with who you feel is the best. All of my services and advice are completely free to you. I write all of my contracts as such so that you can cancel it any time giving you some peace of mind. With that being said, again I encourage you to watch my videos about Short Sales here, and give me a call to talk over the phone or meet in person before we can go over your case and answer all of your personal questions. Again all of this personal advice is free to you.

Thank You very much for listening to my presentation on How To Start A Short Sale?

Kurt Wannebo
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