How Do You Repair Your Credit After A Short Sale?

6 Aug 2010 · Kurt

Recently many of my clients have been very concerned with recovering their credit after a short sale and asks how do you repair your credit. This is a bit different from years before because back then, many of my clients were in such distress that they often had missed payments on car loans, credit cards, and other items that they simply gave up any hope of repairing their credit score. In today’s real estate market however many homeowners who are short selling their homes may not be in as such distress and maybe are only missing their mortgage payments and don’t experience as great of a point loss after it is completed and are interested in repairing their credit right away. Not only that but credit awareness seems to be much more prevalent in the short sale market, as news and information has been circulating more frequently for people.

Now for years, I have searched and vetted numerous credit repair companies to help my clients. I have to tell you however there are not a lot of them that are very good and some charge thousands of dollars. I have found through my research that most of these companies simply charge thousands of dollars to do some very basic work and even if they are unsuccessful, will still charge you and keep your money.

But now I have found someone that is one of the top experts in credit repair, has an entirely different educational approach. And has been in the business for over 10 years. This company has 3 levels of services from “Do-it-Yourself” to “Full Service” and charges only a few hundred dollars. The way it works is that they evaluate your situation, and come up with a strategic plan geared specifically for you. They educate you on the entire process and teach how to repair your credit and maintain it even after a short sale. For a few hundred dollars they will teach you how to do this, or provide a complete full service plan for you and take care of everything.

This service is not only very cheap and affordable compared to every other credit repair company I have ever seen, but you can receive a discount if you are one of our clients. If you are interested in this service please contact me and I will be happy to go over everything with you about how the plan works. So if you are considering a short sale, you can be rest assured we have a plan for after your short sale, that we can get your credit repaired as quickly as possible so that you may be able to buy another home in a few years.

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