Have You Googled Your Short Sale Agent?

13 Sep 2010 · Kurt

If you are considering a Short Sale, Have You Googled Your Short Sale Agent? This is something that is becoming extremely prevalent and important to do. If you are considering doing a Short Sale, the next step would be to determine who it is that you are going to work with. Now, if you do not understand already, a Short Sale costs you absolutely nothing whatsoever. So with that being said, I always tell people that it is in their best interest to hire the most experienced, and somebody with the best reputation. Something that people are missing is actually doing some online research about the Agents that they are considering.

One thing that I would absolutely do is Google their name, find out if they have a presence in the market at all, or if they are simply just a one man show, working at their home or their bedroom, and what their experience level is with Short Sales. The other thing that is becoming extremely prevalent and important is customer feedback. You want to be able to go onto websites such as Google Places or Reviews, Yelp, Zillow (and there are plenty of other ones out there), and see what past clients have to say. Many of them have star ratings, so you want to look for what type of success that the clients say that they have the service they received etc.

Reputation is becoming so important and something that you cannot hide any further, and there are a lot of agents out there claiming to be the best or the number one. But in reality, you will do the research and you will find websites explaining exactly what kind of service you receive, when you go to work with them. It is not a good thing when you Google somebody’s name and find some of the websites that pop-up first, such as RipOffReport.com, Altered Realty, or with 1 star on Google or Zillow. So, make sure you do your research when it comes to deciding who it is that you work with.

Again, because you’re not paying anything, it is best to work with somebody who you feel is knowledgeable, who you feel is experienced, somebody who you feel is going to give you great customer service and get the job done then ultimately and lastly, somebody who you feel comfortable with. Another thing I will say is, work with somebody who has a team of professionals to help you through the entire process of a Short Sale. That includes a Real Estate Attorney, an Accountant, somebody who’ll give you free consultation, so you understand exactly what it is that you are getting into. Another professional would be somebody that can help you with credit repair after that.

I have all of these services that are free to you in the very beginning. You can speak with professionals to make sure you understand all the legal and tax implications of doing a Short Sale. Lastly, feel free to Google my name. I have plenty of online reviews out there from real life customers that you can read about what it is that they have to say about me, and I can even get you in touch with them personally if you’d like.

Thank You very much for listening my presentation on Have You Googled Your Short Sale Agent.

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