Get a Free Loan Modification Consultation with a Real Estate Attorney

13 Sep 2010 · Kurt

People who are looking to possibly explore options of being able to keep their home. I do have a relationship with a Real Estate Attorney who is willing to talk to you completely for free and give you a consultation. What they will do is assess your situation and in many times they can determine what the exact results are going to be if you were interested in getting a loan modification.

This is from a Real Estate Attorney who do thousands of loan modifications with all of the large lenders out there. They know all of the formulizations so if you were to give them a call, let them know that you were one of my potential clients. They will speak to you on the phone, go over your case and scenario and pretty much be able to tell you what exactly the bank may be willing to offer you and what your payments may be. Not only that, if you are currently active in a loan modification process many times they can help and be able to communicate with the bank and find out what’s currently going on with your loan modification. If you feel that the banks are delaying the process or they are not responding to you or you don’t know what the terms of it are going to be.

This is an excellent resource. I feel it’s so important for people to be able to get all of the information from them as quickly as they can to make a determination as to what goal and objective is right for them. I’ve have had people talk to the attorney and say “I talk to the attorney and I found out my loan modification is going to be and we are extremely ecstatic and worked very hard getting it done”. Had other people come back and say “You know what, based on the terms of what the loan modifications going to end up being, I may not want to go down that route”.

This is a service that I provide completely for people. Give me a call or have a consultation, you and I myself about the situation, from there I might feel you want to do a loan modification may be beneficial for you. I’ll set up for you to be able to speak with the loan modification attorney for free.

Thank You very much for listening to my presentation: Get a Free Loan Modification Consultation with a Real Estate Attorney.

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