Can You Get An Offer On My Short Sale Property?

13 Sep 2010 · Kurt

This is a high concern that I see amongst a lot of sellers and always wondering about whether they are going to be able to get one or not. What I always tell people is this; the easiest part of a short sale is getting an offer. And this is why I may actually be able to take short sales listing all over California, it doesn’t require an area specialist to be able to sell your home and talk about all the nuances etc. What we are simple going to do is to be able to list your property on the market at market value and because of my marketing and systems that I have in place, we many times, especially in this market are receiving multiple offers on all of our properties within a couple of weeks.

So I’ve never run into a situation where I haven’t been able to get an offer on a property. In fact I have sold properties in every state or condition imaginable. I even recently did a short sale where the entire home was gutted and did not have any wiring. It was essentially studs. It did not have any toilets or fixtures or anything like that and we’re still 95% of times always able to get an offer and able to get the short sale done.

There are many times extenuating circumstances where the property may not be even eligible for financing at which point we reach out toward the database toward the couple of thousand investors that we work with on a daily basis to be able to step in and buy these properties all cash if needed.

I also have a buying team of my own that composes of about 6 buyers agents who’s constantly marketing your property and trying to do everything they can to get the word out about your property and get offers on your home. This is in many times why we are able to find a buyer ourselves. I’d say 20% of the time, maybe a little bit less but we do have a consistent buyer database that we’re working with that is typically in the thousands amount of people.

Because I have so many listings at a time, I may be able to do an extensive amount of marketing and we’re constantly receiving questions, phone calls and email inquiries on properties which helps build up our buyer base.

So I just want to address that question here in a blog in regards to: Would we be able to get an offer on your property? The answer to that question is, yes we can and it typically is the easiest part of the process. The difficult part from there is getting the bank to accept it. But again, that’s where our skills and expertise come into play in regards to working with the banks and having a lot of tricks or techniques and relationships established with them in order to get the offer accepted.

Thank You very much for listening to my presentation: Can You Get An Offer On My Short Sale Property?

Kurt Wannebo
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