Can I Share Your Videos?

13 Sep 2010 · Kurt

     One of the things I’ve been hearing quite frequently when I have a one-on-one consultation with people is that they do find my videos that I’ve put here on the website very informative and it’s actually help them gather a tremendous amount of knowledge about short sales before they speak with me. And then when I do talk to them, I’d talk about their particular situation and how it’s probably going to play out and in the end I determine and we work with people. We determine sometimes that short sales aren’t always the best option for them. Maybe they want to keep their property and go through the process of doing a loan modification or a HARP refinance or something along those lines.

In the end, they typically do see that the videos have been extremely immensely helpful and educational for them. And I always recommend that if they do know anybody else within their workplace or their neighborhood that is upside down or need some information or wants a free consultation to simply provide my contact information.

The other thing that I would recommend is also send my consultation videos to them. They’re free for anybody to watch at anytime. You can send them the link just like I’ve sent to you and ask that they watch it and then they contact me if they do have any questions or concerns.

Again, I offer free consultation for anybody who wants to speak and have me asses their situation and point them to certain resources that they may or may not need. We’re talking about a short sale if they feel that that’s best for them. I just want to make sure that people out there understood I’m more than happy with you passing on my videos, my information to anyone else that you may know whether it be a friend , family member, a co-worker or a neighbor. The more people that I can get information to the more people I can help.

Thank You very much for watching this presentation: Can I Share Your Videos?.

Kurt Wannebo
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