Are You Working With The Number 1 Short Sale Agent?

13 Sep 2010 · Kurt

Are you currently considering a short sale or in the middle of a short sale, and if so Are You Working With The Number 1 Short Sale Agent? If you are, you may be in trouble…couple of things you want to take into consideration when people make the claim they are the #1 expert. You have to understand where people are making this designation from, most people who are making these claims are most of the time self proclaimed, meaning that they have simply deemed themselves as the #1 agent, it is very relative to a number of things. Are they the #1short sale agent in the world, the # 1 short sale agent in the country, or are they simply the #1 real estate agent in their own office or branch or company that they work for.

Again this opinion is totally subjective. And there is one particular agent here in San Diego that claims he is the #1 short sale expert, now how he gets away with that is beyond me but you have to understand that there are many people out there making this claim who have very low percentages of closing short sale transactions and it’s very important to determine who it is you are working with. If you are considering working with a short sale expert, I would do a couple of things, one is Google their name, determine what their reputation is online. Look up sites such as Yelp and read their reviews about their customer service, look at their BBB rating and to see if they have any complaints filed against them. Again Google their name and see what pops up, if the #1 website that pops up when you Google their name is, ripoffreport.com, I would have some reservation to hiring that #1 short sale expert.

In the end it’s important for you to one, to feel comfortable with who it is you are working with, in a short sale transaction you are not paying any fees. With that being said it’s in your best interest to go out and determine who you are most comfortable with, who you feel has the most experience, who you feel has the most knowledge and ask them to verify their numbers or verify any particular claims that they have. I would be real curious to hear from certain people’s clients as to how he determines he is the #1 short sale expert in a particular area and what documentation he has to try and prove that claim as the #1 short sale agent. Again I’m not saying that any of this is untrue, what I am simply saying is that all of these are opinions from people that make these claims and call themselves a certain thing. Me myself, I call myself a short sale specialist, it is something that is my primary focus of my business, it’s something that I have been doing for a number of years and I let my reputation, not only with my peers amongst the real estate community but also my reputation with my past clients, do the speaking for me. I would highly recommend if you are considering anybody, that you do Google my name, which is Kurt Wannebo, also on this website. Find out what websites do pop up, read what people have to say about me, read on Google reviews and read on Yelp reviews. Those will give you a determination from a starting point on who to talk to, from there you can ask a little more about their experience and if they have worked with your bank, etc., to the point you feel comfortable and satisfied, so that you’re not only going to get your short sale transaction done but that you are also going to receive excellent customer service.

If you have any further questions give me a call.
Thank You very much for listening to this. This is my presentation on Are You Working With The Number 1 Short Sale Agent.

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