10 Difficult Questions to Ask Your Potential Short Sale Agent

31 Jan 2010 · Kurt

I talk to so many potential short sale clients all the time and more and more these days, they explain that they are trying to decide between a handful of short sale real estate agents to use for their short sale here in San Diego. I always tell people since you are NOT PAYING ANY fees in a short sale you might as well chose the most experienced and knowledgeable short sale agent that has a team of attorneys, accountants, and credit repair specialists to help you through the entire process. Every now and then some people still choose to go with a family friend or relative who claims to be a short sale expert or has sub contracts out their negotiations with the bank, but ultimately in the end they come back to me begging for help.

One thing I would consider is to ask a few questions of the person you are considering to hire to handle your short sale. I have posted some before about asking how many they have done, their track record and if they have any relationships with the banks. But these 10 questions I proposing here are a bit more difficult for even a real estate agent who has even done a handful of short sales.

Now I am not going to give the answers to the questions here, but I will ASSURE they are absolutely important and instrumental in getting a short sale successfully done for you the right way with no tax consequences an and no deficiency. Not only that, too many real estate agent copy my websites and read my blog material so they can learn what I know, so they can be competitive with me. I have seen people create websites with all of my handwritten content and blog posts in it, even with my own contact information in it! If you want the answer to these questions I would recommend you contact me and set up a time to talk.

So here is the 10 Difficult Questions to Ask Your Potential Short Sale Agent!
1- What is CCP 580(e)? – This is a VERY important one!
2- What is the name and email of the CEO of your bank? – If they don’t know how to get in touch with the executive office, your chances of a successful short sale are greatly diminished.
3- What is the 1992 case law (Simon v. Superior Court)?
4- Can you help me restore my credit or delete the short sale from my credit afterwards?
5- What are the HAFA short sale eligibility guidelines? – THE NEW ONES!
6- What are the new FTC rules about short sales? – If your agent doesn’t this it could cost you thousands of dollars!
7- What is the one action rule in CA and how does that affect my short sale?
8- Do you charge for short sale negotiation fees? If so, how does the Department of Real Estate feel about that?
9- Will you allow a short sale investor buy my house in order to flip it?
10- Can I talk to your broker about your answers to all of these questions?

Again if you would like the answers to these questions simply give me a call.

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